Store FAQs


1. What language are the cards?

Unless specified otherwise, all cards are in Japanese.

2. How long does it take for shipping?

This depends on the availability of the local postal service, but we send out all packages within 7 working days of an order (unless specified otherwise).

3. What are the conditions of the cards?

Due to factory defects etc. we are unable to guarantee all cards will be in gem mint condition.  Unless specified otherwise cards will be in reasonable collectable and playable condition with no significant damage.

4. Do we accept refunds?

Generally we do not accept refunds unless under special circumstances, for details please check out our refund policy

5. Pre-orders

For Pre-order product, the product will be shipped after Expected shipping date. If you have other products in the same order, they will be shipped together unless requested to be shipped separately.


General Store Policies

  • BAN-TYO TCG reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and blacklist the account information of any customer.