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BT10-021 MailBirdramon 鎧甲巴多拉獸

BT10-021 MailBirdramon 鎧甲巴多拉獸

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[On Play] If you have a [Kiriha Aonuma] in play, you may return 1 [MetalGreymon] from your trash to your hand. If you don't have a [Kiriha Aonuma] in play, you may play 1 [Kiriha Aonuma] from your hand without paying its memory cost.
[On Deletion] <Save> (You may place this card under one of your Tamers.)

Inherited Effect 

[When Attacking][Once Per Turn] If this Digimon has [Blue Flare] in its traits and your opponent has 2 or more Digimon in play, 1 of your opponent's Digimon can't attack or block until the end of your opponent's turn.





【攻擊時】[每回合1次]此數碼寶貝擁有「Blue Flare」特徵,且場上存在對方的數碼寶貝2隻以上時,在下一個對方回合結束前,對方1隻數碼寶貝不能攻擊和格擋。

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