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BT10-093 Yuu Amano 天野悠 (Alt Art)(異畫)

BT10-093 Yuu Amano 天野悠 (Alt Art)(異畫)

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[All Turns][Once Per Turn] When a purple card is placed under this Tamer, <Draw 1> (Draw 1 card from your deck), and gain 1 memory.

[Your Turn][Once Per Turn] When you would play a level 4 or higher Digimon card with [Bagra Army] in its traits, by placing up to 3 purple Digimon cards from under your Tamers in the digivolution cards of the Digimon card played, reduce the memory cost of that Digimon by 2 for each card placed.

 [Security] Play this card without paying its memory cost.






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