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BT10-097 Blazing Memory Boost! 熾熱・記憶體提升!!

BT10-097 Blazing Memory Boost! 熾熱・記憶體提升!!

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[Main] Reveal the top 6 cards of your deck. Add 2 cards with [Blue Flare] in their traits among them to your hand, and you may play 1 [Kiriha Aonuma] among them without paying its memory cost. Place the rest at the bottom of your deck in any order. Then, place this card in your Battle Area.

[Main] <Delay> (By trashing this card in your battle area, activate the effect below. You can't activate this effect the turn this card enters play.)
・Gain 2 memory.

[Security] Place this card in its owner's battle area.



【主要】從我方卡組最上面翻開6張卡片。將其中2張擁有「Blue Flare」特徵的卡片加入手牌、1張「蒼沼桐葉」不需耗費消耗值即可登場。其餘卡片依任意順序放回卡組下面。之後,將此卡片放置在戰鬥區。



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