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BT12-111 DarknessBagramon 暗黑巴古拉獸 (Alt art)(異畫)

BT12-111 DarknessBagramon 暗黑巴古拉獸 (Alt art)(異畫)

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[On Play] [When Digivolving] Delete 1 of your opponent's Digimon. Then, you may place up to 5 Digimon cards with [Bagra Army] in their traits from your trash at the the bottom of this Digimon's digivolution cards.

[Opponent's Turn] When one of your opponent's Digimon attacks or digivolves, by trashing 5 cards from this Digimon's digivolution cards, return all Tamers to their owner's hands.

[DigiXros -3] [Bagramon] x [DarkKnightmon]
(When you would play this card, you may placed specified cards from your hand/battle area under it. Each placed card reduces the play cost.)






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