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BT6-087 Tai Kamiya 八神太一

BT6-087 Tai Kamiya 八神太一

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[Your Turn] When your Digimon with [Agumon] or [Greymon] in its name is moved from the breeding area to the battle area, gain 1 memory, and trigger <Draw 1>(Draw 1 card from your deck).

[Main] [Once Per Turn] You can digivolve 1 of your [Agumon] into an [Agumon Bond of Courage] in your hand by paying its digivolution cost ignoring its level digivolution requirements. If you do, trash the top 2 of your security stack. Then, if you have 1 or more security, delete that Digimon at the end of this turn.

 [Security] Play this card without paying its memory cost.





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