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BT13-092 Ravemon: Burst Mode 渡鴉獸:爆裂型態

BT13-092 Ravemon: Burst Mode 渡鴉獸:爆裂型態

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[Burst Digivolve: By returning 1 [Keenan Crier] in play to its owner's hand, digivolve 0 from [Ravemon]. At the end of the turn you Burst Digivolved, trash the top card of this Digimon]

[When Digivolving] Look at your opponent's hand and trash 1 card in it. Then, if your opponent has 7 or fewer cards in their hand, they add the top card of their security stack to their hand.

[When Attacking] By returning 1 Digimon card from your opponent's trash to the bottom of their deck, delete all of your opponent's Digimon with the same name as the card returned by this effect.




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