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EX2-039 Impmon 小妖獸 (Alt art)(異畫)(ST)

EX2-039 Impmon 小妖獸 (Alt art)(異畫)(ST)

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When this card is trashed from your deck, if it wasn't trashed by [EX2-039 Impmon]'s effect, you may trash up to 3 cards from the top of your deck.[On Play] Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck. Add 1 Digimon card with [Beelzemon] in its name and 1 [Ai & Mako] among them to your hand. Place the remaining cards at the bottom of your deck in any order.
Inherited Effect
[Your Turn] While this Digimon has [Beelzemon] in its name, it gets +3000 DP.


此張卡片因「EX2-039 小妖獸」以外的效果而從卡組中被廢除時,可以從我方卡組最上面廢除至多3張卡片。【登場時】從我方卡組最上面翻開4張卡片。將其中名稱包含「墮天地獄獸」的數碼寶貝卡和「小愛&阿真」各1張加入手牌。其餘卡片依任意順序放回卡組下面。



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